Open Source

Zeroharbor strongly believes in open source software, collaboration among users and developers, and a more transparent Internet and those responsible for maintaining it's services. Due to this deeply rooted belief among our team, the majority of our projects and the libraries that power them are available fully open source via Github. Through the years, all of our engineering team members have actively contributed to and/or delevoped many free and open source projects and software; many of which are still widely used the information security community to this day.


Over the past decade information security has seen some very distruptive and unique innovations, but there have also been great periods of stagnated growth. Zeroharbor is dedicated to working on problems that have either yet to be addressed at all, or unfortunately have less than adequent solutions. Innovation is what truly created the Internet and the world as we know it today, and it is time we continued down that path. Through our current and on-going research, we hope to continue to build new and exciting technologies to help researchers and every day users alike.


We have built a collection of global honeypots which feed a massively scalable back-end built within AWS. The data is processed through a pipeline to perform actions such as applying a standard topology, validating and enrichment of indicators, and correlation of disparate event types. This system takes in raw honeypot raw and transforms it into a highly enriched and curated source accessible via REST API, and soon through browser extensions. The data can be used to supplement existing intelligence, investigations, and protect users through near real-time detection.